Common Change

eliminating personal economic isolation
Why Common Change? How it Works

Common Change provides thought leadership, tools and support for people and groups to participate in collaborative giving.

Together, Common Change Groups embody the vision, that there is enough for all who inhabit the planet and that relationships truly matter.

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Pooling money with people you know, to share with people you care about.

How it Works

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Step 1: Join or Create a Group

Sign up on Common Change, then create or join an existing group. If you create your own unique group, you can write a description & a covenant stating who you are and what you are committed to. If you join an existing group, you can read & accept the shared hopes of the group and request to join

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Step 2: Invite Friends to Join

Invite friends to join your group who have a common desire to assist in meeting needs, whether helping cover a relative’s hospital bill or reaching out to a classmate whose family has been hit by tragedy.

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Step 3: Fund your Group

Donate to your Group Fund, which is an ongoing fund that is used to meet needs that group members recognize in their communities. Groups choose to donate a fixed amount regularly or agree to give a percentage of their income. Needs are met from the growing pool of money collecting in your group fund.

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Step 4: Share a Need

When a member sees a need in their community, they can share the request with your group. The funds in your Group Fund go directly to meet the needs your group proposes, making it clear exactly how your money is helping out.

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Step 5: Discuss and Decide

As a group member you then “weigh in” to decide if you would like to support each particular request. By sharing comments and suggestions each member adds to the wisdom of the group to help decide how best to meet the need.

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Step 6: Share the Gift

Once a need is approved, Common Change sends the payment. Over time you may see needs in your community but lack the finances or position to make a difference on your own. The beauty of Common Change is that together you can make a positive impact in the lives of those you care about.

Our Service

Donation Process

Donate via several mediums, making giving quick and effortless the way you feel comfortable.


Peace of mind that your group funds are being managed in line with the highest accounting standards and practices.

Group Reports

Receive weekly and monthly group reports detailing your group activity.

Online App

Quickly and easily engage with group activity using our online or mobile apps.

Group Creation

Give with people you know, engendering trust and safety.


From who you give with, to who you give to, know who and where your money is helping.

Fast & Friendly Support

With 10 years experience in collaborative giving, receive support when you need it.

Quick Payout

Benevolence funds are distributed within 1 to 3 business days of the need request being approved.

Group Decision-Making

Tap into the “wisdom of the group” in coming up with better solutions together than you could alone.

Our Values

"We started with a simple question, what is poverty? That led us to ask how might we create a culture that reflects the reality that there is enough for all of us?"
Common Change