Common Change was birthed in the United States, out of a loosely organized and fluid experiment between a small group of friends 15 years ago who committed to an experiment in collaborative giving and relational sharing. Since 2005, Common Change has consisted of a handful of members who have collectively touched the lives of over 1000 families and individuals, contributing more than $1,000,000 and meeting the needs of friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. 

In July 2012, Common Change began the shift from a private experiment to a public utility, beginning development on a web-based platform and service. In 2015, Common Change South Africa launched as an independent non-profit company and registered non profit-organization in South Africa. A year later, Common Change United Kingdom was birthed.

Despite the quantitative figures, the emphasis of Common Change’s work has always been the depth of relationships created as members journey together with those they care about.  Countless philanthropic and charity organizations “serve the common good” by distributing goods and services to the poor, though few take the time and energy to actually get to know the poor. Common Change believes we are economically isolated from each other, not because the rich and poor don’t care about each other but because we don’t know each other. 

Common Change is not about benevolence, charity, or even philanthropy; it is a call to friendship and generosity.