Community Action Networks (CAN) are part of the broader Cape Town Together movement – a rapid community-based response to the COVID-19 crisis. CANs aim to inspire ordinary people in every community to self-organise to take action at the neighbourhood level to educate each other on accurate information, support the most vulnerable and high-risk residents, and share ideas and resources with other CANs across the city.

Common Change supports Community Action Networks to facilitate sharing of resources, collaborative decision making, and movement of funds quickly to meet collectively identified needs.

What Common Change Offers

  • Designated day-to-day FNB Gold Business Account for each CAN.
  • Receipting and stringent accounting of donations to the CAN’s Group Fund.
  • Provision of web and mobile app which the group representatives, known as ‘members’, can use to submit, discuss and approve opportunities/requests with each other.
  • Timeous payment of funds directly to identified beneficiaries or designated payees, via EFT, reimbursement, E-wallet, Store Voucher or Electricity Voucher.
  • Preparation of weekly visual Group Fund report and weekly P&L and detailed transaction report, excluding the names or identifiable details of donors.
  • Preparation of a monthly reconciliation and Group Fund accounting report.

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